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Social responsibility
Building together

Constam group started in Buzău at the initiative of a family from Buzău and during the 25 years of activity it has permanently reinvested in projects in sports, education, culture, community development, environment. The purpose of social involvement was and is the desire to ensure a positive impact of the company's activity and to contribute to the development of the local community. Constam Group cultivates a culture of social responsibility based on business ethics, respect and fairness in relations with employees, customers and partners, social and economic equity, environmentally friendly technologies, transparency in relations with authorities, integrity and community investment.

Constam Group is committed to actively contributing to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and it is making sustained efforts to reinvest some of its profits in sustainable measures to improve the quality of life in the community.

Constam Group supports numerous projects and charitable causes but also non-profit organizations operating in the area of ​​community development. Over time, the focus has been on talented young people with the potential to achieve high performance.

Painting. Constam group supported the annual Monteoru Art creation camp for many editions. The camp brings together a group of visual artists - graphic artists, decorative artists, painters - animated by the desire to highlight in their works the beauties of Buzau places.

Music. Constam group has supported numerous musical events, concerts. The Top T Rock Festival was sponsored by Constam Group.

Foundation. The main purpose of the Progresiv Foundation is to support children from poor or disorganized families, people with disabilities, organizing public debates and other activities to help them.

  • awarded merit scholarships for young people with outstanding educational results
  • actions to promote environmental protection.


Scholarships awarded to students at different faculties: Medicine, Buzau Theological Seminary, Physical Education and Sports, Engineering

Sponsorships and donations granted to the Sfântu Sava Children's Foundation, “Sfântul Vasile cel Mare” Parish, Buzău County Hospital, the Association for Promoting Access and Equal Opportunities, Mihai Eminescu National College Buzău, Buzău Sports High School, Buzău Children's Palace, Arts and Patrimony Foundation.

Sports. Constam Group is permanently involved in supporting the performance of some branches of sports - volleyball, rugby, athletics, both in order to preserve and enhance the talented athletes from local teams, and to attract young people to sports. In this sense, Constam was a founding member of the Constam Metal Buzău Voleyball Sports Club and the Martelli - Constam Buzău Rugby Club. Results: in 2005 the volleyball team is the vice-champion of Romania in category I (18-19 years old), in 2006 it obtains bronze with the junior team 2 (16-17 years old), in 2005 Ene Bogdan is the Balkan youth vice-champion (19-20 years) with the Romanian national team, in 2005-2006 Gheorghiu Bogdan and Bratosin Bogdan were confirmed for the cadet Olympic center.

Buzău Community Foundation - through which Constam Group supports community development projects in Buzău County (ART 3,14, Salvați Bâsca Mare, Midwives Caravan)

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