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Building together

Constam Grup is one of the most representative construction companies in Romania, with 25 years of experience based on values ​​such as fairness, efficiency, innovation and social responsibility. Constam Group provides construction services and products for important infrastructure projects such as the A2 Highway, Sibiu-Nădlac highway, the foundations of 55% of Romania's wind farms and numerous residential neighborhoods.

The company was launched in 1996 in Buzău, as a family business, oriented towards the construction field. It developed on an efficiency-oriented strategy and focusing on all stakeholders' needs. Today, together with a team of 150 members, Constam Group offers quality services and products for civil and infrastructure constructions through its three divisions: Constam Steel Service, Constam Ambient and Constam Real Estate.

Constam today

Constam Ambient

Constam Ambient is an important supplier of construction materials for interior design and installations in Buzau. Constam Ambient is specialized in quality solutions and personalized consulting services offered by experienced consultants. In Constam Ambient showroom in Buzau, customers find thousands of products for their construction projects: ceramic floors and cladding, heating, plumbing, electrical, basic materials in construction, furniture, roofing solutions.

Constam Steel Service

Constam Steel Service is one of the top providers of services and materials for civil and infrastructure construction in Romania. The company specializes in steel cuting and bending, steel cages for drilled piles, molded walls and pre-assembled three-dimensional structures, welded nets, Lenton mechanical couplings, wires and complementary construction accessories.

Constam Steel Service does not only offer high quality processed steel. The company is a competent partner in the development of new, customized and efficient solutions for its partners and customers in the field of infrastructure and civil constructions.

The goal of Constam Steel Service is to constantly improve and innovate its services and products in order to provide safety, efficiency and performance in the construction works for its customers. From planning to processing and delivery, Constam Steel Service is a reliable partner.

Constam Real Estate

Constam Real Estate is the real estate management and administration division of the group and has in its own two sub-divisions: the division for increasing the use of properties in the portfolio and the real estate projects development division.

Our culture

Constam Group was built over time, with a strategy based on developing lasting relationships with all stakeholders (customers, employees, partners) and fairness. The slogan “Building together” has always defined the culture of Constam Group and it is applied in every process of every activity, every day. In order to ensure a positive impact of its activity and to contribute to the development of the local community, Constam and the Progresiv Foundation have permanently reinvested in projects in sports, education, culture, community development, environment. During its development, with the mission to become a national leader in providing complete services for construction, Constam group aims and is committed to run a responsible, efficient, profitable and innovative business.


The quality of the products and services offered, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the processes carried out are a permanent concern for Constam group. In this sense, following an audit and standardization process, Constam Steel Service obtained in 2004 the initial certification of the Quality Management System. The recertification was done annually, according to SR EN ISO 9001: 2015. The quality of Constam Steel Service products is ensured both by the controlled manufacturing processes, by the tests performed, certified according to ST 009: 2011, NE 012/2: 2010 by AEROQ and by the company's suppliers holding the certificates of conformity and technical approvals necessary for traded goods.

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