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Our mission
Building together

Constam Group mission is to offer efficient and quality solutions for constructions, leading a responsible, ethical, profitable and innovative business. The company is committed to providing quality products and services in the long term, in complete safety, with a positive impact in the community and for all stakeholders. Respecting the environment and constantly investing in the local community, Constam actively contributes to the development of the society in which it operates.

Our vision

Constam Group aims to maintain and strengthen its position in the top 3 of national and local suppliers providing efficient, innovative and complete services and products for construction, adding value to customers' business and growing together with them.

Our values
Safety - Efficiency - Innovation - Quality

Over 150 passionate employees of Constam group turn daily construction projects into reality, for customers and partners, constantly focusing on efficiency, innovation, quality of products and the services offered. Also, at the level of each division within the Constam group, values ​​such as fairness, seriousness, integrity and respect are other defining factors of the 25-year activity of Constam group of companies in Romania.


Employee's safety is a priority for the three divisions of Constam group, which is why the rules and regulations in the field are seriously observed and verified. This way, the company can also ensure the safety of projects, products and services offered, the safety of its customers and partners.

Efficiency for the customer

One of the most important values ​​that guides the vision of Constam Group is efficiency. In order to understand, satisfy and exceed the needs and expectations of the Group's customers and partners, the entire team demonstrates active listening and willingness to customize products, services and contractual relationships. Whether it's the work style, the relationship with customers and partners, Constam focuses every day on getting the best possible result, in the shortest time, for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Constam Group operates in an innovative construction sector and it is constantly in touch with new technologies and requirements. The progressive spirit, the openness to new ideas, the flexibility in the relationship with the clients and the counseling services offered make Constam an innovative company. The divisions of Constam Group offer services and products in the field of constructions and it is always looking for new concepts and efficient solutions for its partners.


The products and services offered by the three divisions of Constam Group are primarily defined by quality, this being a commitment made by the entire team since the beginning of the activity. Quality, together with the other values, has always been and continues to be a commitment that Constam group makes in its relationship with its customers and partners. Read more about quality certifications.


In the relationship with customers and with all other partners, suppliers, employees and collaborators, Constam group aims to permanently offer a high level of fairness, integrity and mutual respect. The promised products and services are delivered on time, at the right price, according to the contracted conditions. Constam group also ensures equal opportunities for employees, customers and partners, excluding any type of discrimination. Constam Group and its three divisions are committed to always acting in accordance with the law, to deliver consistently and vertically what it promises, and to assume legal and community responsibility for its decisions and actions. The management of the divisions in Constam Group has and imposes a correct, honest, fair work conduct, according to the company's values ​​and the legislation.


Constam Group is permanently interested and involved in local community's life, which is why it has frequently reinvested resources in culture, sports, education, high-performing young people with potential and local non-profit organizations. Read more about this: Social responsibility

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